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84 Tolstraat
Amsterdam, NH, 1073 SE


Shaman's Shawl


“The balm that heals the wound of time is called religion; the knowledge that we must live for a lifetime with our wound is called philosophy”.

Octavio Paz.

Pilot DLP work/playdate over 3 evenings Nov 6st, 13th and 20th.

From 19.00 t/m 22.00

Tol Straat 84. 1073SE, Amsterdam

Host. Kevin Power

What is a DLP ?

Dali Lamas Pajamas is an art/garment project that I started in 2015. Inspired by shamanism, it is a loose-fitting , easy to wear garment. A cocoon that sits comfortably, when one intends to enter into a state of rest or perform a ritual.

The garment evolved with a blessing and a ritual.

What will we do in the work/play date?

You will make your own personal DLP, Shamans Shawl.

We will also talk about shamanism, meditation, blessings, and ritual.

We will look at and try on different existing DLPs. We will choose/make /combine a fabric best suited towards crafting your own DLP. We will cut the pattern and we will sew it up.

What do you need?

4 meters of woven fabric. A mixture of fabrics is possible but not more than 4 different kinds are advised. A recycled textile can be worked into your Shamans shawl. Please bring it with you and if need be, a selection of textiles can also be available to purchase.

(stretch and knitted are not recommended to work with)

When and for how many evenings?

3 Wednesday evening, from 19.00 t/m 22.00. 3 times x3 hours

Nov 6th, 13th, and 20th for the pilot.

How much does it cost?

For the 3 evenings, 100 euro is the desired amount.

The payment confirms your reservation.

What sewing level?

Beginners, medium, advanced all are welcome.

Maximum 8 participants.

Homemade Irish soda bread, hummus, and smoked Mackerel pate will be provided.