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84 Tolstraat
Amsterdam, NH, 1073 SE


Developing a Loving Presence; Daddy's Little Pervert.


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Developing a Loving Presence;…Daddy’s Little Pervert

Bless you contradictions; May they be Fierce

Creative workshops/playdates for creatives.

Intention of Workshops/Playdates

To explore the notion of the Sublime.

The Vision

Creativity, for me, is like sex. It is love and freedom. It is being in the moment, communicating with the material and letting flow guide the movement. Discovering what needs to be done & allowing it to be done. Trust, intuition and connecting with its unconditional flow, helps us live in a sacred relationship with ourselves, others & the natural world. Imagination is our gift. Nurturing this gift, feeding it, developing it, helps us to return to moments of awe, build a stronger, more fluid, foundation & helps protect us from the constant exposure to the egoic noise, that we all have, & that surrounds us, all the time. It is by losing yourself, you find yourself & creativity is the perfect medium to do so.

“Developing a Loving Presence; Daddy’s Little Pervert” is the title for this series of workshops/playdates.

The Mission

Develop a bunch of creative workshops to explore identity, sexuality, feelings. have fun and get together.

Foster a sense of community by offering my studio as a space to other creatives who share the same vision.

Ideally, each workshop will be held over 3 evenings & last for 3 hours. I hope this would allow the participants to get to know one another and help build a sense of connection & community between us.

On offer at the moment

In the first of the series, we will make a garment, a Dali Lama’s Pajamas – “Shamans Shawl”.

Other workshops will soon to be planned into the agenda,

Daddies Loving Penis; The cult of the phallus, in culture and in art, is the starting point of this workshop. We will explore the proface, the sacred, the erotic as a movement, as a totem, as a feeling and find a form that has meaning, significance and mystery for you.

Desire, Lust & Perversity; How do you define yourself? How can you express this? We will work with a mandala to create an enlightenment, architecture painting to map your inward journey of yourself in the cosmos.

Design & Lasting Power; Nightclubs, dance and decadence, what does your outfit need to express yourself ? Let’s make it. Power, sex and celebrating freedom in an outfit, is the intention of this workshop.

Decadence, Logo & Play; Re-Creative used products, using and reusing materials for the making of a handmade product/craft object. Developing a logo, a brand identity, a philosophy, a product, playing with passion and making it pay, is it possible? Art and the market are the perfect bedfellows.

Suggestions for other workshops/playdates

If someone who would like to host or co-host a workshops/playdates please feel free to contact me.. I look forward to hearing what you are thinking about and let’s plan it.